We help customers to maintain their edge by exploiting advanced technologies and peerless build quality to create a range of Defence and Security vehicles and tools that perform difficult tasks in dangerous and threatening environments. 

The range of threats facing our customers is diverse and evolving quicker than ever. We have a heritage of providing services and technical solutions to the protection realm with a full range of research, advice, and assessment services that support physical protective measures for Government, Civil and Military platforms.


Understanding mission needs and the challenges facing our customers, we provide physical protection solutions which integrate the latest technologies.

From add-on armour or ballistic protection, including anti-IED, to the smart use of protection technology, we improve the performance of protection systems. Our advanced technologies ensure that equipment and vehicles we provide are the most resilient and reliable in the market, keeping safe those who specifically rely on it.

Eagle’s defence vehicles meet all requirements of STANAG’s, OTAN standards, UNE standards, NM standards and MIL-STD.




The Eagle VIP Protectionist System can be installed in most 4×4 and 4x2 vehicles for the protection of VIPs against the threat of RCIEDs, whilst on the move or stationary. State of the art counterterrorism measures are vital in ensuring the safety and robustness of protectionist systems against ever-changing threats.

For example,  each Jammer Module within the vehicle system radiates multiple programmable jamming carriers that can instantaneously jam selected frequency bands. The Modular Design enables the system to be equipped to jam the required threat frequencies whilst easily maintained and operated by authorised personnel in the field.


The Eagle Portable Briefcase Jammer incorporates the latest jamming technology in a compact integrated system. Able to be equipped with a wide range of frequency jamming modules, the Briefcase Jammer can be deployed in just minutes to protect Military/Security staff or EOD teams from RCIEDs.


One compact rugged Briefcase system consists of; Jammer Modules, Antennas, Battery, Power Supply, and Remote Control. Jamming Modules can be selected to provide high power targeted jamming, or wide band jamming; modules available in bands from 20-6000MHz.

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