Eagle International is a well-established supplier to the global healthcare market. It supplies both ambulances and other emergency vehicles as well as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Eagle understands the need to supply healthcare workers with adequate protection against the clinical risks which they meet everyday. To this end we are able to supply a full range as shown below:

We supply the following:

  • Gloves

          -  Latex, Nitrile and Neoprene Gloves & 

              Vinyl and Plastic Gloves

  • Disposable Plastic Aprons

  • Full Body Gowns

  • Eye and Face Protection

  • Goggles and Masks

  • Head wear

  • Footwear


All are supplied to relevant BSI and American standards in sizes ranging from Small to Medium to Large and Extra Large


Our High-end Medical Invasive and Non-invasive Ventilators range have silent and robust turbines, precise algorithm ATT, High Precision Air-oxygen mixers, and a variety of propositional ventilation modes.

Manual selection between bright and soft interfaces makes it easier to detect changes with patient ventilation insuring simpler operational use. 

In the event a patients' breathing has not reached the preset tidal volume, our device will automatically raise the respiratory pressure to reach the correct tidal volume. This ensures the stability of tidal volume regardless of any resistance change.

All of our ventilators are fully internationally compliant and conforms with most European and American Regulatory Authorities 


The PainPro is a cutting edge medical device, designed to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, and restore tissue, all in minutes.

Incorporating over 50 years of medical science and the very latest in technological developments, including the unique BMWT technology, the PainPro provides pain relief and tissue restoration that is scientifically evidenced.

Trusted by physiotherapists, PainPro technology has been proven to provide immediate pain relief to a wide variety of injuries and ailments, allowing anyone, from athletes to retirees, to life a more active lifestyle for longer.

The PainPro is made for:

• Age Related Restrictions
• Pregnancy
• Sports Men & Women
• Rehab Patients
• Arthritis Sufferers


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