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We supply to the NHS, Police, Military, Councils, Leading Clinics, Hospitality Industry, Sports Industry, Care Homes, Restaurant and Entertainment Sectors and General Public Sector. All are supplied to relevant BSI and American standards in sizes ranging from Small to Medium to Large and Extra Large.

Eagle International is a well-established supplier to the global healthcare market.   Its end clients range from government agencies to the General Public to UN missions right through to the emergency response sector.

Eagle understands the need to supply healthcare workers with not just adequate products but those that exceed the highest standards.

It supplies both ambulances and other emergency vehicles as well as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Eagle International are aligned directly with the manufacturers being intrinsically involved from raw material manufacture to the final product.

Eagle International have been a supplier to the NHS in the UK for over 15 years.

We currently have stock of the following:

  • Sterile Surgical Gowns

  • Non-Sterile Isolation Gowns

  • Latex-free Nitrile Gloves

  • Vinyl & Plastic Gloves

  • Type 2 Face Masks

  • Type 2R Face Masks

  • Disposable Gowns

For further information on our PPE product range click the link below to download our brochure.


Testing and Application Laboratories in the fight against COVID-19

Eagle Container LAB Hoist.png

“We are very pleased with not only the quality but also the service we have received from Eagle International. The Lab is bright, well-spaced and organised allowing all our scientists to move around easily and perform their testing optimally. We don’t think we will get over the “Shiny and New” feeling we have every day working in the Lab. The installation of the Lab was also an absolute breeze, with the Eagle International team onsite during the whole process.”

 Cignpost Diagnostics Ltd.

The laboratory is constructed around a standard commercial 20-foot high-cube container.

Two external security doors are provided. The main entrance is through the single door, the double door at the other end of the laboratory is for loading of equipment and emergency exit.

External Dimensions:

Length:            6.06m (20ft)

Width:              2.43m (8ft)

Height:             2.89m (9ft) - 3.14m (9.75ft) Including AC unit

Weight:            3,800kg


Internal Dimensions:        

Length:            1.23m (4ft) staff area

Length:            4.24m (14.5ft) laboratory area

Width:              2.19m (7.2ft)

Height:            2.53m (8.25ft) – 2.48m (8.1ft) under AC cassette


The interior of the laboratory is separated into two compartments, divided by a transparent partition with a sliding door.

internal plan 2.png

The walls of the laboratory are 54mm thick, constructed from a 2mm thick Setacryl washable bio resistant layer bonded to a 12mm thick OSB panel covering a 40mm layer of Icynene polyurethane foam insulation.

The ceiling is constructed from 12mm thick Panolit composite plywood core panel covering a 63mm layer of Icynene insulation. The floor is covered with a 6mm thick SAFETRED vinyl non-slip floor over 18mm thick Panolit composite plywood core panels with 25mm Celotex insulation panels. The structures above are encased within the steel fabric of the shipping container.

internal plan 1.png


vent picture.jpg
Eagle logo.png

Our High-end Medical Invasive and Non-invasive Ventilators range have silent and robust turbines, precise algorithm ATT, High Precision Air-oxygen mixers, and a variety of propositional ventilation modes.

Manual selection between bright and soft interfaces makes it easier to detect changes with patient ventilation insuring simpler operational use. 

In the event a patients' breathing has not reached the preset tidal volume, our device will automatically raise the respiratory pressure to reach the correct tidal volume. This ensures the stability of tidal volume regardless of any resistance change.

All of our ventilators are fully internationally compliant and conforms with most European and American Regulatory Authorities 



The PainPro is a cutting edge medical device, designed to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, and restore tissue, all in minutes.

Incorporating over 50 years of medical science and the very latest in technological developments, including the unique BMWT technology, the PainPro provides pain relief and tissue restoration that is scientifically evidenced.

Trusted by physiotherapists, PainPro technology has been proven to provide immediate pain relief to a wide variety of injuries and ailments, allowing anyone, from athletes to retirees, to life a more active lifestyle for longer.

The PainPro is made for:

• Age Related Restrictions
• Pregnancy
• Sports Men & Women
• Rehab Patients
• Arthritis Sufferers


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PainPro User Testimonials
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